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Internet speed – MBps or Mbps – what’s your’s?

This blog intends to clarify on one basic myth that is out there about internet connection speeds. When someone says “I have a 2 em bee pe ess connection, you see!” he probably doesn’t know what it really meant (well, that is the case with most of us!).  Its perhaps hip to be mentioning that […]

J2ME – wana try?

Wanted to make a small little application that can keep my yoga practice schedule. Something that can make my phone beep after each of the aasans; in that order. That makes sense, doesn’t it? Well, its a different argument that I shouldn’t use any time keeping while I practice. I agree. But I need this […]

Our knowledge of reality

The range of our knowledge of reality is limited by our preexisting beliefs and expectations Came across this article somewhere. Thought, oh how true… THE fact that most times we only perceive what we can conceive is dramatically borne out by what happened to Captain Cook when his ship reached the island of Tahiti in […]

Here on…

The IE is finally over. Now its time to practice, 40 days twice a day and 60 days from there once a day. That meant “It becomes a part of you” as said by Jaggi. I sure want to do every single time. Dont want to fall into situationa where I might miss the practice.  […]

Protected: why would I think of monkeys?

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Check this out : hyderablog I bumped into this interesting blog on Hyderabad while I was loitering around looking for Hyderabadis’ reviews on broadband service providers. This guy seem to be foreigner (by his face and his name David Juman) who has been staying in Hyderabad for some time. Has a cute little girl and […]

Protected: Inner Enggineering Intro Talk

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Isha – Inner Engineering

Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev of Isha foundation says…we humans have come a long way… we’ve engineered many a thing around us the way WE wanted them. But we have not been able to find happiness. The more we created in the external world, the more we wanted to add. We never thought it was enough. In […]