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XP drivers for Dell XPS m1330

I bought a Dell XPS m1330 laptop. It came with Vista home premium but I have always thought XP was the best MS OS around. It did not take me long to realize I had to install XP on my laptop but at the same time I wanted to retain the Vista that it came […]

Install XP on your Vista PC

I bought a new Dell laptop (XPS M1330), and it came with Vista. And with Vista, came so much ‘extra’ that I wondered how complicated using a laptop seemed. The glassy glossy look was the only thing that attracted me initially. A week into using the Vista laptop, I thought I bought a bug. I […]

Didn’t ‘Raju’ mean King? It still is SATYAM.

In the wake of the Satyam windstorm that followed Rama Linga Raju’s confession of fraud, here is an article which I feel would give us different perspective to look at; a better one than that the media reported till date. I being a Telugu, I choose to share similar thoughts as this editor of […]

The Western Toilet – User Guide!

  • After you finish, move yourself a little forward, just enough to allow for your hands to move behind you.
  • Take a mug of water in your right hand; take it behind you (you’d have to use some imagination eh!) over the pot, so that you’d be able to empty it into the pot.
  • With your left hand wash it off pouring water out of the mug.
  • A wednesday – movie review

    What a movie! At last here is one great little story, tight screenplay, neat plot and clear expression … in all, a well made movie. 1.5 hrs of pure thrill! Story, Direction, Screen Play: Neeraj Pandey Cinematography: Fuwad Khan Editor: Shree Narayan Singh Background score: Sanjay Chowdhury The cast: Naseeruddin Shah (Anonymous common mumbaikar) Anupam […]