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A wednesday – movie review

What a movie! At last here is one great little story, tight screenplay, neat plot and clear expression … in all, a well made movie. 1.5 hrs of pure thrill!

Story, Direction, Screen Play: Neeraj Pandey

Cinematography: Fuwad Khan

Editor: Shree Narayan Singh

Background score: Sanjay Chowdhury

The cast:

  • Naseeruddin Shah (Anonymous common mumbaikar)
  • Anupam Kher (Prakash Rathod – Commissioner of Police)
  • Jimmy Sheirgill (Arif Khan of ATS)
  • Amir Bashir (Police Inspector)
  • Deepal Shaw (Naina Roy, UTV Reporter)

Theme : The common man has always been common after all; one man chose not to be. He braced himself to take charge. He proved brilliant.

India is attacked in one way or the other, be it bomb blasts, suicide attacks or a shoot out. Be it Delhi or be it Bangalore, Hyderabad or Mumbai that fell victim.  Either way, its the ‘common man’ who took the maximum impact. Some lost loved ones, some lost the only bread earner of the family, some lost lives and some lost limbs. But again, thanks to the  execrable support from the polity, the common man remains a mute spectator and is forced to get back to his daily chores, to earn his daily bread. This quick turn back is misinterpreted as ‘the spirit’ of the Mumbaikar or of the Delhiite, as a disguise. The common man seems to have done nothing to change it. This is one story of a seemingly unlikely common man who surpasses all imagination, who takes on the barbarities head on; so meticulously so.

Coming back to the movie, it’s the story of a Mumbaikar who thought it’s been enough. He did not stop at that but he went a step further, perhaps a lot more steps further to show his resentment. Its a story of this rare ‘common man’ who decides to kill four terrorists, all at once.  How this common man plans it all and executes is beyond anyone’s imagination, forms the gist. The way the plot unwinds itself is amazing.

The movie is technically brilliant through and through, unlike any other that I have seen in the recent times. The use of networking equipment, mobile phones and hacking! what not. This meant, for any other Hindi movie, a load of errors. But this one does it seamlessly.

Naseeruddin Shah – an actor of his stature is expected to do well, here is has done much more than just well. Anupam Kher is at his best, as a  never-give-up police commissioner, a very respectable performance. What came a revelation to me was the performance of Jimmy Sheirgil, a not-so-much-of-a-star. He fit the bill so damn right as a tough gun-friendly ATS officer, a maverick, very unlike his silly-boy romantic types we saw. Amir Bashir, we saw him more on the Ads than in the movies (I saw him in Pyar ke side effects and just one more), proves to be a cool actor himself too. Deepal Shaw (we saw her go to a bar in a skimpy school skirt in some music video), the TV reporter has not much to do though, but she did what she did well.

There are a few other aspects that make this movie special:

  • For one, the Chief Minister’s role is shown as a much responsible and dignified one, doing his job just right, which is a complete contrast to how politicians are shown in the movies and by the media. This gives hope, that there can be (at least there is a possibility)  some politicians worth their salt.
  • No naach-gana. The background score by Sanjay Chowdhury was so in sync with the theme of the movie. Never did it feel a little more or a little less.
  • Short movie (96 minutes). So gripping a story, so no-nonsense that I never realized it was 90 minutes and it was climax time!

And lastly, all credit to Neeraj Pandey, the writer-director. He sure set out to make one hell of a movie! I did know that Naseeruddin Shah would make it worth for me to watch it but only after I watched the movie did I know, Anupum kher would not disappoint either. Jimmy Sheirgill was stunning. All in all, the best contemporary Bollywood movie I saw in a long time, an edge-of-the seat thriller!

If you’ve seen it, please share your ideas. If you haven’t yet, go check it out, you better not miss it.

Comments are welcome.

5 Responses to “A wednesday – movie review”

  1. karteekmanchala says:

    The film was true to its script.A great movie.
    The movie reflects the anguish the people are going through after all these terror attacks.

    If you think this film as a song. The script as the tune, the direction as music, the actors as playback singing, All are in perfect sync to make it a great song. you can listen to it repeatedly..

    What to you say Bharath?

  2. Sainath says:

    When I first heard about this movie name “A Wednesday” thought its another bundle art film. Even though I had it with me for quite some time on my hard disk, didn’t care to see it. One Sunday night I was feeling so lonely frustrated about wasted another weekend. Just searching all the old files to delete, thought will have a glimpse of this movie, then it had his Magic-Spell on me felt enchanted. Hats Off to all the casts in the movie, Naseeruddin, Anupam Kher, Amir Basheer, Deepal Shaw who did their best and not to forget Jimmy Shergill, he was a real maverick, a role only suited for him. The Story, Direction, Screenplay, Music, etc., everything was in sync. Can’t find a single loop hole. Felt a sense of pleasure, clock struck 1:00 AM, time for me to sleep, came to a conclusion that I dint wasted this weekend indeed enjoyed it very much and had a pleasant sound sleep Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………..

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