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XP drivers for Dell XPS m1330

I bought a Dell XPS m1330 laptop. It came with Vista home premium but I have always thought XP was the best MS OS around. It did not take me long to realize I had to install XP on my laptop but at the same time I wanted to retain the Vista that it came with. So I setup a dual boot. To know more about setting up Vista & XP dual boot, please go through this post – Install XP on your Vista PC for a step-by-step approach.

The next big challenge was to install the drivers that ran on XP. This was tough as Dell did not support any other OS for m1330 than Vista. Here is a list of the individual drivers and their download locations.

Note: Pleas verify the compatibility before you download the drivers.

I recommend installing drivers in the following order:

If you’ve not bought your m1330 with Nvidia graphics, the correct drivers for Intel graphics card can be downloaded using the Intel® Driver Update Utility. This driver happens to be GRAPHICS INTEL® GM965WIN2K_XP1437.


If you have the NVIDIA graphics card, obtain the drivers from here – NVIDIA GRAPHICS Driver.

Installing all of the above listed drivers should give you a grand start to using XP on your Dell XPS m1330. I have personally experienced a huge improvement in performance and a hassle-free computing.

Please feel free to post a comment if you need any assistance in this regard.

34 Responses to “XP drivers for Dell XPS m1330”

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  2. Tim Finkler says:

    I just got done downgrading from Vista to XP Pro on my XPS 1330. I don’t know why they call it downgrading. Vista is horrible. I followed all instructions but I still am getting a yellow exlamation point in my device manager for the “Audio device on High Definition Audio Bus”. I have tried everything. Different drivers. Uninstalled them and re-installed twenty times. I really could use some help. Any ideas? Thanks a million.

    • bharathreddyt says:

      If I’m not wrong, you’re talking about the wireless network card. Try uninstalling the driver and reinstall. Hope that helps. Are you using a home wifi internet by the way?

  3. Tim Finkler says:


    Thanks for the reply. I have sound also but it is driving me crazy that the yellow exlamation point is there. I just wanted a clean start. I still don’t understand why it’s there and why a driver can’t fix it. Any other ideas? Thanks for your time.

  4. ebad shakeeb says:

    I have dell xps m1330 and i already downgrade it with windows xp and i found all drivers except VGA and WLAN wireless lan card driver. There is any body to help me
    (my dell xps have no NVIDIA graphic card)

  5. M1330user says:

    Nice write-up, thanks! A couple of notes from my experience… the Audio device on High Definition Audio Bus driver might be the HDMI audio driver from the graphics driver package, and if you have any trouble finding the right driver for Intel graphics with the Intel update utility, just search for GM965 on the site and it should return a graphics accelerator driver in the results, which worked for me, and installed the HDMI audio device.

  6. Tim Finkler says:


    The GM965 drive was the trick. Thanks a million. I have finally wiped Vista off my XPS M1330. I have no exlamation points in my device manager. I did it without any friggin help from Dell. It is like I have a brand new laptop. I love XP Pro. I love my laptop. Vista SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ally says:

    First of all thanks for the advice. I have the same pc and installed xp as well but I am still having problems with my utility card. It finds the network but does, reacts when I press connect I dont get an actual connection to the internet. Any idea why this might be going wrong?

  8. Bel says:

    Hi there…im having problems with the VGA, i downloaded from the intel site, installed it and it said incorrect hardware and it was not supported! But it was XP drivers for the GM965

  9. John says:

    Does anyone know if this will work with XP 64-bit? I don’t know about the driver compatabilities…

    • bharathreddyt says:

      Please try this:
      1. Uninstall all the graphics related drivers and utilities.
      2. Open IE (IE recommended, it did not work for me on Firefox 3)
      3. Go to the ‘Intel® Driver Update Utility’ link mentioned in the post or use :
      4. Click on the ‘Check your system for the latest driver’ button. An application launches and guides you through the download and install of the latest driver.

      Please leave a comment after you try this.

  10. supermapu says:

    hello guys
    i had the same problem with the “audio device on HD audio bus”
    this is how i fixed it : update ur graphics drivers with
    Intel_GM965-Express-Chipset-_A10_R207204 drivers
    ur system is going to look bad if it didnt have graphic drivers ..then upgrade ur drivers again but this time u are goinf to use the following driver package from dell
    dont know how or why but it worked

    good luck

  11. zeus earl says:

    guys, I downgraded my m1330 from vista OS to XP.. and its working real fine,. but, the only problem is my DVDrom cannot read DVD in any kind. I installed R166212 DVDrom driver/updater. but it is the same, once I loaded a dvd, she pushes it out again. Everything is working pretty fine except for this one.. can somebody help me? pls pls pls..

  12. docknden says:

    Hi Everyone ,

    I have downgraded my xps 1330 from vista to xp but unfortunately i have a problem with my USB ports they dont seem to work at all.

    I would be glad if anyone could shed any light on the drivers for it.

  13. Jostein Gohli says:

    Just got my sound and bluetooth to work! Thanks a bunch mister!!!

    • sai says:

      am recentely changed my os to xp before it was vista can you please suggest me the graphics drivers please I am unable to get I tried lot.. thanks in advance…

      • bharath reddy says:

        I suggest u find d graphics drivers on d graphics card manufacturer’s site. In my case this ws intel. The site had a utility tat checked for the correct version and installed. You can find how in this post.

  14. Pradeep Sharma says:

    1. My laptop Toshiba Equium U300-151 came with Windows Vista Home Premium, it starts in Safe Mode for some error. I have not been able to diagnose what the problem is. I tried repairing through Chkdsk /F but it does not get better.
    2. Tried installing Windows 2000 & XP Professional SP3, I get “Setup did not find any Hard Disk Drive installed in your computer, set up can not continue. To quit set up press F3”.
    3. Followed your guide to install XP on but was not successful as the nLITE does not get to the create Image but goes to FINISH after adding Multi-folders (which contain SATA and IATA Driver, Chipset & HDD Protection). I created these folders on an empty partition (D: drive) as all the drivers downloaded from Toshiba web site are in zip form and only creates setup files therefore can not see any .ini files As the size on disk to create image increases by 16.8 Mb.
    4. Also for your more information, this laptop comes with Phoenix BIOS Ver.4 installed and it does not have the option to change the HDD from SATA to any other compatible mode. I have downloaded all the drivers (Zipped form) for windows XP required for this laptop and also the BIOS update issued in Jan 2009.
    5. Please suggest how can I? I look forward to your help to enable me install Windows XP Pro on it.

    • Pradeep,

      I have an exclusive post on setting up dual boot with a new XP installation here. This post gives suggestions for xp drivers for a dell PC similar to mine. However, It seems like you went through my post on installing XP on a vista PC already.

      1. You could try using the system restore or recovery mechanism for the vista installation. Or better still, backup important data and reinstall.
      2. XP setup wont be able to see the SATA HDD unless you include the corresponding drivers. I’m not really sure if you could include executable SATA drivers instead of ini based ones.
      3. My suggestion is to check out for such drivers on the HDD manufacturer’s website. Another option is to contact Toshiba’s technical support.

      All the best.

  15. Hi Bharath,

    I got (almost) all the packages you suggested (I used updated intel wireless driver taken directly from Intel website) and my laptop works perfectly, thanks a million!

    I’ll soon be upgrading to win7 (dual boot), but luckily for all of us this is covered by Dell team 🙂

    All the best,

  16. Waone says:

    wow.. thank you very much. Its very usefull for me. Best regard

  17. Lars Ivar says:

    Thanks,I really needed this. Ran into a bit of trouble when I had to reinstall my system. Turns out the only OS media Dell supplied in my box was a Windows XP CD. And pretty much no drivers, can’t even get basic networking up and running.

  18. Roland says:

    This is great site and has helped a lot but I am still getting some pops in Device Manager with SD storage(does not work) and video controllers. I may have goofed up since I do not do this so much. Definitely not my day job.

  19. Sanjay Verma says:

    I decided to get rid of Vista from my XPS M1330 and go for XP 64 bit. Vista is a pain in the wrong place and I need to use all of the 8GB RAM in it, so XP 64 bit was the only logical answer. Have managed to find all the drivers and ironed out all the yellow exclamation marks from the device manager. The only thing that I am stuck with is a non-working bluetooth and a bunch of Dell utilities that would refuse to work on this OS. I would not care much for the Dell utilities, but it is very important to make the bluetooth work. Will need help with this.


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