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Posts in June, 2009

What are RSS feeds?

I just added an RSS feed link to my blog. Guests like you could subscribe to the feeds and they would know of all that I update here, without even visiting the blog’s homepage. Isn’t that interesting? Yeah I too thought so. In addition, I got curious to know how these RSS feeds worked. And […]

Computer virus types; Symptoms & effects of infection; Review on free antivirus, firewall & antispyware

My lil laptop caught cold! Etiology (study of disease causation) of common cold says there are over a hundred different kinds of viruses that cause common cold. In addition, that is one reason why one cannot ideally gain immunity to common cold. My laptop is no super man, so she got one too, a bitter […]

Appreciation – Can anything compare to it’s value?

Did you ever feel you’ve put in all your energies in to doing a certain thing, you’ve given your 100% and you’d your heart right there when you were doing it, and yet, at the end felt that it all went unnoticed? Let alone being appreciated for it, it has not even been acknowledged? Yes, […]

Hasn’t it been long?

Yeah it has been quite long since I wrote a post. Writing gives a sense of fulfillment, especially when I know the article is being read and commented on. I have a few drafts that I’ve not been able to complete yet. Hope to return soon. May be, I need the push.