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Trekking trip to Maula Ali Dargah

Yesterday morning I went on my first official trekking trip ever! What started as a casual invite from a friend to join her on the adventure, went on to become an unforgettable memory. The trip was every bit fun filled and I learnt how to trek too!

For those of you who are wondering where Moula Ali Dargah was… its located in Secunderabad some where in between Mirzalaguda, Tarnaka and ECIL.

The trek was organized by enthusiasts from the Great Hyderabad Adventure Club. They’re a club who come together to travel, trek, hike, camp etc. For every trip they go on, they start with an announcement on and invite members to RSVP if they’d like to join. The club was founded in 2008 and has become so famous in these two years that there would be a waiting list of about 10 on every one of their meetup adventures.

I was lucky to have registered early, thanks to Moumita, a friend of mine from TCS. And soon as I told my roomies (read room-mates) about the idea, they jumped into registering on meetup. In all we were Bharath, Moumita, Anchal, Vijay, Arun, Naresh, Karteek and Ravi (not in this pic, ‘cos he was shooting it!).

The plan was to meet at Moula Ali at 0615 hrs on Saturday morning. And that meant we’d to get up at a ghostly 0430 hrs, get ready and drive some 20 odd Km to reach Moula Ali on time.

Somehow, things fall in place when we set out to have fun! Moumita and Karteek joined us roomies in just no time and there we were to meet twenty others. Padmaja from the organizing team greeted us, while I was contemplating if I knew this person already. Yes I did, I met here before at a Deloitte Toastmasters event. Aah Toastmasters… I must say its almost like a religion! I get to know quite a few wonderful people through it.ย  Now for example, there were at least four Toastmasters on this trek (Me, Moumita, Padmaja, Arunย and Srivalli).

To describe the terrain that awaited us, Moula Ali dagrah was atop one huge rocky hill. In fact the hill itself looked much like one huge rock. While most of us took the steps, the looking-for-adventure lot tried to climb through the sides. Once up there, we introduced ourselves. As would be expected, there were quite a few IT folks, from TCS, Infotech, Microsoft… so on and so forth. But the interesting part was that there were folks like Mr. Subbarao who once woked for the Indian Air Force, a Kargil veteran, with his about 5yr old chirpy kid Meghna.ย  And there was Virginia Wang – Chinese by origin, an American by nationality. What we wont forget about her is her flawless Telugu.

Once the intros were done, Padmaja lead us through the steep downhill behind the dargah. Man it was so steep that I thought I’d fall straight down to earth. But as destiny would have it, I climbed down and up easily enough ๐Ÿ™‚ !

Once we were back from the first of the three planned adventures, we tried very hard to push some rocks down the hill, after all there were too many of them there and the hill seemed burdened.

We went to the other side of the hill and discovered that there were two other hills that looked similar and we could go there the next time around.

A little later I saw the team walking down the hill. While I was wondering if the trek was over already over, we assembled for what would be for most of us, the once in a lifetime, almost vertical climbing experience.

Click on this picture for more pics of the trek

Initially climbing the wall like rock seemed impossible and even risky. But as a few of us did it with ease, we the first timers tried it out too. It is at this moment when I learnt a few nice tricks/rules of the sport.

  1. Hold on tight, take a nice little jump start, keep the momentum going.
  2. The three-point-contact rule: At any instance, three of your limbs have to grip firm before you make the next move.
  3. Keep calm, breathe deep and believe that you can make it to the top.
  4. Encourage all those around, you’ll get the same from them!

What was beautiful to see was that people from various walks of live, who did not know much of each other teamed up, encouraged, helped eachother, and more than anything else, had loads of fun.

I must thank Moumita for having suggested me to sign up, Padmaja and co. for having organized it perfectly, and all those wonderful people that were there. Hope to meet you all soon!

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12 Responses to “Trekking trip to Maula Ali Dargah”

  1. diyanat says:

    wonderful style of writing and the pictures go along with the message. Even the small details are captured. I have Been there 100 times and have never written it so beautifully.

  2. Thanks Diyanat. Looking forward to meeting you soon.

  3. Sandeep Mukherjee says:


    Seems a Great Adventurous Tour…

    Next time if you make such plans count me in and please inform me. “One more Toastmaster in the group.” he he he ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Vibha says:

    Hi Bharath, very well written – the flow was so natural. Its been quite some time, that I have trekked around that place, but reading your blog makes me feel like going there again.

  5. Ritesh Agrawal says:


    it seems to be a very nice adventure trip.
    I was looking for one of this kind since long, so do count me next time…..

  6. Moumita says:

    As expected,you have described the experience so nicely.For me it was the most daring thing I could have done..thanks to all you guys and Padmaja & co.I was able to climb that vertical rock just because of the help of Padmaja and the team. At one point of time I felt as if I will be stuck here throughout my life .When i came up ,I was happy that i will go home.Now I admire Spiderman.. ๐Ÿ™‚ his job is really tough..

    Thanks Bharat & Gang!!

  7. Shaili says:

    Wow seems exciting…….will definately join you guys next time

  8. Karteek says:

    I was lucky to be part of this trek. I had one more trek by reading this.

    Thanks Bharath for sending the link for this trek. Good write

  9. Murthy says:

    Enjoy mams. Sometimes I feel sad about leaving TCS. Your posts make me feel that I am big stupid to miss all this fun.
    Anyways, I have also planned an action-packed programs for this semester. Now your posts have propelled me into implementation phase of these plans.
    Anyways, how is your vidya programs in hitech going on? Mams also do something about the garbage menace opp hitech bld.

    • Dude aint any stupid! In fact in our circle in TCS, we believe you’re the only one who could choose what you wanted (over continuing in the whirlpool of a working life). All the best!

  10. Mirabelle says:

    Wow Bharath. Your blog is stimulating.. makes those who read the blog, to get out of our seats, buckle up our shoes and start off on an adventure too ๐Ÿ™‚

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