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mujhse fraaandship karoge – movie review

First up…this movie made me feel like going back 10 years to join undergrad college and re-live it to the fullest!

I was browsing through my friend’s Netflix account and bumped into this colorful Facebookey looking movie title. Well I could sort of guess that it could obviously be a college love story, bunch of friends hanging out more on the Facebook than for real. But what lured me into watching it was the music… first off Suraj Jagan’s solo – Chhoo le. I’ve been a great fan of Suraj Jagan and I could not miss this rock number. I thought I’d check out the rest of the numbers on the Movie and return to browsing Netflix…only to realize ten minutes later that I was actually watching…all engrossed!

More on the Music in while, the movie is a really good attempt with new acting talent, courtesy Y Films.

The set is a college of art (I’ve always envied people who went to study in such)…people into making music, photography, writing etc…

The story revolves around two kids who can pick fights at every chance they get and one can easily enough guess that they would be falling in love sooner than one might imagine. The theme seemed pretty predictable and obvious. However, its the story telling that is compelling and at the same time musical, poetic and entertaining. More than everything else, it made me feel really bad that I can not chuck it all and rewind 10 years to join one such an arts college instead of the Engineering college that I went to. Well my college was what it was, it gave me beautiful friendships though!  Back to the movie… I was saying… the movie was quite a story, well told, kept colorful and young all through.

The story telling was in fact as compelling as jaane tu ya jaane na… though not as fascinating. To do a ‘tell me the gist‘… its about not facking it by hiding behind the computer screen, but coming live to realize that someone swept you off your feet, and you’re in love!

The story also packs in a little hidden message…. don’t ever leave your Facebook account logged in, especially if you’re living with close friends!!!

About the characters…Saba Azad looked quite a fit as Priety the tomboyish-thinking-0f-herself-as-intelligent photography student. Well I guess I’m kinda attracted to such girls and any movie I see that has girls like these, I only see them and nothing else….oh shh, we’ll discuss that later. Now, Saba carried her role Priety smooth, all the way, from being an easily irritated college girl to someone who takes embarrassment easy and moves on. Pretty cool eh! and ya ya the leggy dresses (very little use of cloth indeed!), the squirmy moves et al. good good!

Saquib Saleem as Vishal, the song writer ever poetic and all boyish college kid. He brings in some looking-innocent-yet-very-mischievous guy style. I don’t have many more comments because I did not really see much of him, you know who I was busy watching!

And Tara D’souza as Makaviak,  well she looked beautiful a few minutes and too skinny  and perhaps unhealthily thin some other occasions. Her interaction with the Rock Star Rahul was pretty interesting, especially the conversations. Nishant pulls it off really well as a rockstar in the university. Looks kinda cute (ooh ah…well I heard of that in the movie, not mine!!), though a rockstar, down to earth, good friends et-cetera.

Back to the Music as I said, I don’t remember if I knew Raghu Dixit but he sure has a knack with modern day rock sounding music. I already love Chhoo le, also for its lyrics and not just the fact that Suraj Jagan sang it. Another number that caught me straight after the kollveri di storm was this – Dhaeon dhaeon, the song sure sounds fresh and is here to stay for some time. Next up, Baatein Shuru, sounds really fresh with Shefali Alvari’s tone. uh o uh o kya hua is something to listen for and enjoy every bit of it. The music arrangement is simple yet beautiful. Very few composers can make it sound so soothing yet simply simple.

All in all a good movie to watch on a friday night!

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Hmm…I’ve not been writing here for quite some time, and a few things like such movies do inspire me to say a few words, on how they inspire me! Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

2 Responses to “mujhse fraaandship karoge – movie review”

  1. Antas Mishra says:

    Ok gr8, I found it just average. May be cause I don’t like this LOVE STORY theme. But still it was worth to watch once in TalkieTown.

    One thing is sure the lead heroine is always beautiful than support. But still, they try to push that MALVIKAs are more beautiful than PRIETYs.

  2. Karteek Manchala says:

    Hmm! Have to watch it.

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