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Solved – Dell Laptop ‘Plugged-in, Not Charging’

Wow! This was one problem I could not get around for three days. My laptop suddenly stopped charging one day at office. It was otherwise charging fast and would last about 3.5 hrs. Now it would not charge to more than 18%.

I went online, searched the problem a lot and tried these solutions:

These did not work:

  1. Go to the Device manager, uninstall battery and ask Windows to search for new hardware. It would re-install the battery. Might have worked for a few but did not work for me. It would say ‘Plugged-in, Not Charging’
  2. Changed the power adapter. It would charge to about 11% and would stop there. It would say ‘Plugged-in, Not Charging’.
  3. Reboot and contemplate a BIOS update. Did not update since it did not make sense. It would still say ‘Plugged-in, Not Charging’
  4. Changed the power outlet (office, home, neighbors house, Spike guard power strip and what not!). Did not charge.

This one worked

  1. Then after a little more searching the unobvious solutions, I found this common-sense (well this is hard to find when you work on a computer all the time and Google everything before you even think) solution. So here it is:

Blow into the laptop power receptacle (where you plugin the power cord) to clear the dust off it. Also blow clean the plug that goes in.

Voila! the laptop is back charging to full without a glitch.

Dust on the conductor surface often reduces conductivity. That’s common-sense. Isn’t it?

One Response to “Solved – Dell Laptop ‘Plugged-in, Not Charging’”

  1. karteek says:

    You have reinstated the old world way of dealing with such issues-“Clean it first”.

    After I read this, I remember how we used to blow dust off plugs and other electronic devices to see if they work.

    Its like restart for computers!

    good one.

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