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OK Bangaram – Movie Review

Mani RatnamA R Rahman is a combination I have never missed. Right from Roja.

To say it short, the movie is simple story beautifully told. It is a drama made so skilfully, so colourfully, so musically and so much so I’m falling short of words of expression already.

Without going into the details of the story, if you have seen Skahi and enjoyed every part of it, this movie compares. The beginning and the end of the story isn’t new, I would not particularly call it fresh. But like they say it’s not the destination, it’s the journey, it is the content, the art, the storyline and the drama the movie is richly filled with, that makes all the difference.



Written by Mani Ratnam

It isn’t unusual, Adithya is a video game developer, Tara is a budding architect and they meet in fictional circumstances. But that isn’t what interested me. What intrigues me is the backdrop of Mumbai, it’s the playful chemistry between the duo, their common disbelief in the institution of marriage, their idea of staying with each other for a while before they embark on separate journeys chasing ambition.

Not just that, what humbled me to the earth was the innocence of Bhavani, the man that Ganapathy is, their absolute love for each other.

I really wanted to guess where the inseparable Aadi and Tara would decide eventually when Adi was scheduled to go to the US on job and Tara would go to Paris to study Architecture. They would have to go separate ways but their hearts were so glued together that this would be the decision they would not be able to take. The way the story ended was sort of the typically ‘happy ending’ but it had a sense of the reality and reflects deeply upon how a couple in that situation would behave and take decisions.

Beautifully narrated.


Composer: A R Rahman

Lyricist: Seetharama Sastry

I have loved the songs of Sakhi, so much so that though I could not really understand all the words of Veturi at that time, I would be mesmerised by the just the tunes and the sheer quality of the sound that A R Rahman created.

The music in Ok Bangaram is on par. I have to listen to them over a few more times to write a separate review.

The movie doesn’t seem to use all the songs on the album, though, but I have been transfixed by the rendition that swooshes through the movie – raa ra aatagada vechi unnara. It did raise the pulse every time it played through the movie.

I have enjoyed every bit of the magical Hey Amaayikaa.


How about Cinematography by P C Sriram? What about it? Well, his work speaks for itself. How about Mouna Ragam, Geethanjali? Ok Bangaram had quite a lot of close-ups, capturing faces and their elaborate expressions.

I have to mention particularly the interactions between Bhavani and Ganapathy through the half-closed doors of their room. Absolutely real-life-like. The depiction of their home, the living room, the kitchen, the huge glass doors, the balconies, I have kind of lived in that house for those two odd hours.

What caught me awestruck was the Ahmadabad hotel room, the retro wall fixtures, the colourful low roof created with drapes with lights behind them. Absolutely artful, tasteful.


I have seen Dulquer Salmaan in Bangalore Days. He looked like a boy next door. He looked the same here too. Aadi here was a character that needs a lot more acting maturity, I believe it’s the amount of drama that makes any role tough. Anyone and everyone these days seem to dance and fight like everybody else. But not all of these guys can face the camera, express themselves keeping their calm. This guy can.

Oh, yea Nani‘s voice sounded just like Salmaan’s voice. Who ever thought about it, brilliant!

Nithya Menen. I’m a fan. Looks aside, it is her Telugu dubbing that gets me every time. Her voice has all the art work that goes into making an actor of her. Her energy, emotion, beauty and the nuances of her expressions, that Mani Ratnam captured on film, makes you wonder if Tara was actually characterise around her.

Prakash Raj was his usual best as Ganapathy, as a retired bank employee.


It has been some time since I wrote a movie review. This one prompted to write one, staying up in the middle of the night, right after I was back from the night show of Ok Bangarm. Gunyt!

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