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How much Information do we need?


One dictionary defines ‘Information’ as ‘Knowledge acquired through study, experience or instruction’, another says ‘A collection of facts from which conclusions may be drawn’.

We need information to draw conclusions, create opinions, and make decisions.

Yes enough information on a certain topic will give us depth and clarity of thought. We will then be able to take ‘informed’ decisions. But how much is ‘enough’ ?

Over the years, sources of information and the speed at which it reached us have grown exponentially. From word of mouth, letters, news papers, the radio and TV, to the internet and the mobile, sources and speed have changed for ever. Our current sources of news are mostly the Internet, TV a wee bit of news paper.

Most of the information we seek today, is either interpreted or is already opinionated. As a result, the opinions we make and the decisions we take are already opinions someone else made and decisions someone else took.

Another important point to note is that the more information we have easy access to, the less we tend to access it. For example, lets say, you are researching on why humans yawn, you ‘google’ – why do humans yawnGoogle returns tens of pages of results. You, like 94% of Google users don’t see beyond the 1st page of results. Is that all you needed to know on ‘why humans yawn’ or was the information redundant?

So then, lets ponder on a few questions

Is the information that we gather today more or less authentic than it used to be?Is more information today making it easy to make decisions and create opinions ? Is it really helping us?Are we losing cognitive power to rationally think, judge and assess?Are we making better ‘informed’ decisions as compared to a time when the access and amount of information was less?Do we even use all the information we have access to?

There could be a lot of such questions. But the quality of opinions we make, the decisions we take again depends on the quality of ones cognition, intelligence, emotion and several other factors that are human.

No matter how much information we have access to and the speed at which we have it, It is still inevitable to develop our cognition, intelligence and emotion.

So again, how much information do we need?

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