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Visiting Claremore, the little town on Route66

I was out recently on a business trip to one of the most well known towns in the entire world! Well pun intended, this was Claremore, a little town somewhere in the north eastern¬†Oklahoma, US of A. Folks at office had already made my mind up, that I wouldn’t have to carry any more expectations […]

my car has a new look!

yea yea I haven’t been writing much on the blog…but I gotta share this one and I thought Facebook wasn’t enough to express the joy this little car project brought me. Its been roughly 5 months, since I bought my 1st car and although I drove her around like a crazy 8k Km in these […]

and she came along!

I never believed in love at first sight, until she came along!¬† Well, she made me wait for quite a long time, it took me so much search and research and finally she came on Friday night. My search for her began three weeks ago when I started to believe that I’m finally ready!! Went […]