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Solved – Dell Laptop ‘Plugged-in, Not Charging’

Wow! This was one problem I could not get around for three days. My laptop suddenly stopped charging one day at office. It was otherwise charging fast and would last about 3.5 hrs. Now it would not charge to more than 18%. I went online, searched the problem a lot and tried these solutions: These […]

Visiting Claremore, the little town on Route66

I was out recently on a business trip to one of the most well known towns in the entire world! Well pun intended, this was Claremore, a little town somewhere in the north eastern¬†Oklahoma, US of A. Folks at office had already made my mind up, that I wouldn’t have to carry any more expectations […]

JBOSS Class Cast Exceptoin – Resolution

I came across this ClassCastException when launching an application packaged as an enterprise archive (.ear) on JBOSS 4.2.2. Without going much into the details of the root cause, here is a way to quickly reconfigure JBOSS to get away. Locate the following files in your JBOSS folder and open them in a text editor. <JBOSS_HOME>serverdefaultconfjboss-service.xml […]

Trek to the TADA water falls

This is the second year in a row, that I went travel and trek right on the 1st of Jan. Last year, it was a biking trip to¬† Nagarjunasagar-dida caves-miryalaguda et al. This year it was to the Tada water falls, some 65 KM north of Chennai. A brief about Tada – Its a tiny […]

Trekking trip to Maula Ali Dargah

Yesterday morning I went on my first official trekking trip ever! What started as a casual invite from a friend to join her on the adventure, went on to become an unforgettable memory. The trip was every bit fun filled and I learnt how to trek too! For those of you who are wondering where […]

WordPress attachment import/export issue – workaround

I exported the all my wordpress posts here using the Tools – export option. I later tried to import all the posts to my new domain (I shall announce soon). The import was only half successful. Pictures that form an integral part of my posts have been skipped. And in fact there were errors like: […]

My trip to Vizag

I happened to visit Vizag for the first time last weekend. I was there to attend a friend’s wedding on Sunday night. Arrived at 6AM on Saturday morning at the Vizag railway station after an overnight train journey (Godavari Express). The journey wasn’t too pleasant, thanks to the scrimpy side-upper berth (I got that even […]

Install Windows-7 on a vista laptop

Ever since Microsoft announced the Windows-7 OS, I was curious and so were millions of Windows users. Well I personally did not like the Vista OS for the primary reason that it simply overloaded the PC. A typical Vista installation treacherously occupies 7GB of space on the hard-drive and demands a minimum of 2GB of […]

Computer virus types; Symptoms & effects of infection; Review on free antivirus, firewall & antispyware

My lil laptop caught cold! Etiology (study of disease causation) of common cold says there are over a hundred different kinds of viruses that cause common cold. In addition, that is one reason why one cannot ideally gain immunity to common cold. My laptop is no super man, so she got one too, a bitter […]

My IceBreaker Speech at Toastmasters

Toast Masters Club is a place where one can hone his/her verbal communication skills, in a professionally guided environment. Interested? Want to know more? Check this out: A club can be chartered (formed) with a group of 20 interested candidates. The club meets often in an organized way. Members take up roles as Speakers, […]