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Quickly create a Headless Raspberry Pi (without monitor or keyboard)

Have a Raspberry Pi, but don’t have a display device (HDMI Monitor) ? This are a few easy steps I followed and it worked, every time! Aim / Expected outcome: Install a brand new Raspbian Image and see the desktop, without connecting a monitor or a keyboard to the little Pi. Checklist: Raspberry Pi 3 […]

Recovering Photos from a corrupt or un-formatted SD Card

I happened to buy a new camera, and it came with a brand new SD card. In all the excitement I just popped the battery and the memory card in and started shooting pictures. I was so intrigued with the new toy and the amazing pictures I could shoot, that it never occurred to me […]

My Surgery Experience – Pain, Delirium, Fun!

I’m just back from my first personal experience with what is called a modern day ‘Surgery’. I experienced something so intriguing that I decided to write about it before it fades away into a distant memory. The experience is special for many reasons: One because I never stayed in a hospital before. Two the surgery […]

WordPress attachment import/export issue – workaround

I exported the all my wordpress posts here using the Tools – export option. I later tried to import all the posts to my new domain (I shall announce soon). The import was only half successful. Pictures that form an integral part of my posts have been skipped. And in fact there were errors like: […]

What are RSS feeds?

I just added an RSS feed link to my blog. Guests like you could subscribe to the feeds and they would know of all that I update here, without even visiting the blog’s homepage. Isn’t that interesting? Yeah I too thought so. In addition, I got curious to know how these RSS feeds worked. And […]

Computer virus types; Symptoms & effects of infection; Review on free antivirus, firewall & antispyware

My lil laptop caught cold! Etiology (study of disease causation) of common cold says there are over a hundred different kinds of viruses that cause common cold. In addition, that is one reason why one cannot ideally gain immunity to common cold. My laptop is no super man, so she got one too, a bitter […]

ah well, you know, I mean aa, actually, hmm basically like….

aa well I thought of writing this post, you know, hmm ah….Isn’t this how we sometimes stammer and stutter when we’ve to talk? Talking in English isn’t really difficult as long as we have our basics in place and we’re able to think a bit before we talk. Most often we won’t get a chance […]

foto – my photoblog

I have a lot of photographs that I’ve been shooting for over three years now. Thought I could publish a few of them. After all, photos are to be shared! So I started a photo-blog, foto. The posts there don’t just show the photographs but also explain the context and the content. You could navigate […]

Calculator, Paint missing in windows XP

I suddenly realized that the Games folder, the Calculator and the Paint applications went missing on my Windows XP PC. The games that come with XP don’t interest me much, but the calculator and paint come very handy when you have some quick math or a screen-shot-edit to do. This might have happened when the […]

XP drivers for Dell XPS m1330

I bought a Dell XPS m1330 laptop. It came with Vista home premium but I have always thought XP was the best MS OS around. It did not take me long to realize I had to install XP on my laptop but at the same time I wanted to retain the Vista that it came […]