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OK Bangaram – Movie Review

Mani Ratnam – A R Rahman is a combination I have never missed. Right from Roja. To say it short, the movie is simple story beautifully told. It is a drama made so skilfully, so colourfully, so musically and so much so I’m falling short of words of expression already. Without going into the details of the story, if you […]

Midwest Dhamaka 2012 – I was there

For those who’re wondering what this Desi sounding name – Midwest Dhamaka was…, it was a Bollywood fusion dance competition held by folks of the University Of Cincinnati, at the School for Creative and Performing Arts, Cincinnati. How did I know about it? Well I’ve friends you know! Okay, one of my colleagues here is […]

and she came along!

I never believed in love at first sight, until she came along!  Well, she made me wait for quite a long time, it took me so much search and research and finally she came on Friday night. My search for her began three weeks ago when I started to believe that I’m finally ready!! Went […]

My Surgery Experience – Pain, Delirium, Fun!

I’m just back from my first personal experience with what is called a modern day ‘Surgery’. I experienced something so intriguing that I decided to write about it before it fades away into a distant memory. The experience is special for many reasons: One because I never stayed in a hospital before. Two the surgery […]

The little birdie that woke me up

It was an unusually drowsy morning for me. I was probably going round and round in a self architected an over ingenious dream (Okay, rest assured, its not an infused idea as in Inception!). I was probably dreaming chirping birds and yet unwilling to believe its morning already. That was when this loud and sharp […]