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Trek to the TADA water falls

This is the second year in a row, that I went travel and trek right on the 1st of Jan. Last year, it was a biking trip to  Nagarjunasagar-dida caves-miryalaguda et al. This year it was to the Tada water falls, some 65 KM north of Chennai. A brief about Tada – Its a tiny […]

Vishwa mangala go grama yatra

I attended a community (its called Reddy Seva Samithi, a community service organization) meeting in my home town last weekend. One of the elderly men who is a co-founder of the community, Mr. Lakshma Reddy happens to be an active member of  VHP, yes the Vishwa Hindu Parishad. As a part of his introduction to […]

My trip to Vizag

I happened to visit Vizag for the first time last weekend. I was there to attend a friend’s wedding on Sunday night. Arrived at 6AM on Saturday morning at the Vizag railway station after an overnight train journey (Godavari Express). The journey wasn’t too pleasant, thanks to the scrimpy side-upper berth (I got that even […]

Lets Vote for Lok Satta

The following are a few words (in telugu) that politicians said about JP and Lok Satta in general. Every One seems to believe that Lok Sattta is the kind of party that can bring about a change, for the better. There is no doubt that this is the kind of party that would clean up […]

galla thick mango

Ever wondered if you could have bottled mango juice tasting like real mango and also felt as though you were squeezing an Alphonso mango straight in to your mouth? Here it is, the Galla thick mango. While there is nothing like having a juicy Alphonso mango for real, we thought all our lives that Maaza […]

Lets conduct our traffic ourselves

I start my bike at home, many apprehensions in my mind as I change gears, zip through the lanes and reach the main road that I take to office. Honking bikers, listlessly parked autos, signal jumpers, brimming city buses, reckless overtaking, lane switching, driving on the wrong side of the road, careless pedestrians crossing roads, […]

Didn’t ‘Raju’ mean King? It still is SATYAM.

In the wake of the Satyam windstorm that followed Rama Linga Raju’s confession of fraud, here is an article which I feel would give us different perspective to look at; a better one than that the media reported till date. I being a Telugu, I choose to share similar thoughts as this editor of […]


Check this out : hyderablog I bumped into this interesting blog on Hyderabad while I was loitering around looking for Hyderabadis’ reviews on broadband service providers. This guy seem to be foreigner (by his face and his name David Juman) who has been staying in Hyderabad for some time. Has a cute little girl and […]