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Lets Vote for Lok Satta

The following are a few words (in telugu) that politicians said about JP and Lok Satta in general. Every One seems to believe that Lok Sattta is the kind of party that can bring about a change, for the better. There is no doubt that this is the kind of party that would clean up […]

Didn’t ‘Raju’ mean King? It still is SATYAM.

In the wake of the Satyam windstorm that followed Rama Linga Raju’s confession of fraud, here is an article which I feel would give us different perspective to look at; a better one than that the media reported till date. I being a Telugu, I choose to share similar thoughts as this editor of […]

Our knowledge of reality

The range of our knowledge of reality is limited by our preexisting beliefs and expectations Came across this article somewhere. Thought, oh how true… THE fact that most times we only perceive what we can conceive is dramatically borne out by what happened to Captain Cook when his ship reached the island of Tahiti in […]