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Visiting Claremore, the little town on Route66

I was out recently on a business trip to one of the most well known towns in the entire world! Well pun intended, this was Claremore, a little town somewhere in the north eastern Oklahoma, US of A. Folks at office had already made my mind up, that I wouldn’t have to carry any more expectations […]

and she came along!

I never believed in love at first sight, until she came along!  Well, she made me wait for quite a long time, it took me so much search and research and finally she came on Friday night. My search for her began three weeks ago when I started to believe that I’m finally ready!! Went […]

Trek to the TADA water falls

This is the second year in a row, that I went travel and trek right on the 1st of Jan. Last year, it was a biking trip to  Nagarjunasagar-dida caves-miryalaguda et al. This year it was to the Tada water falls, some 65 KM north of Chennai. A brief about Tada – Its a tiny […]

GHAC Carnival 2010 – News Letter Launch

I attended the GHAC Carnival 2010 this evening. It was a gala event hosted by the Great Hyderabad Adventure Club of which I’m a part of.  For those of you who’ve not heard of GHAC, its a non profit, volunteer driven adventure club that conducts/organizes trekking, hiking, rock climbing, camping and travel events. For more, […]

Goa trip

Ohho! It’s been a really long time since I wrote anything substantial here. No excuses but I’ve been busy. To mark an end of sorts to the business, I joined my office team on a trip to GOA! What better would be a description of a place like goa unless shown in pictures, videos. So […]

My first Night-Camping-Trip

I just came back from what was my first ever night camping trip. I’m perhaps completely exhausted right now with the amount of physical activity I’ve been through on an April Summer day. But I want to write about it before the excitement sinks in and I fall trap to the regularities of a frustrating […]

Trekking trip to Maula Ali Dargah

Yesterday morning I went on my first official trekking trip ever! What started as a casual invite from a friend to join her on the adventure, went on to become an unforgettable memory. The trip was every bit fun filled and I learnt how to trek too! For those of you who are wondering where […]

The Parakeet saga..

Been on a trip to Nellore over the weekend. We (A team of thirteen TCS-Maitree-Toastmasters) were there to visit Audishankara college of engg & tech, near Nellore to inaugurate their Toastmasters Club. After the event was over, we were walked through the college campus. While the rest of us saw the college library, I saw […]

Toastmasters trip to Nellore Audishankara college of engg & tech.

When I joined Toastmasters club in my office half year ago, I had no idea on what was in store. I thought that there would be TM sessions once in a while and may be a few things more. But my past six months have been far more eventful than I’d imagined. After elections, club […]

My trip to Vizag

I happened to visit Vizag for the first time last weekend. I was there to attend a friend’s wedding on Sunday night. Arrived at 6AM on Saturday morning at the Vizag railway station after an overnight train journey (Godavari Express). The journey wasn’t too pleasant, thanks to the scrimpy side-upper berth (I got that even […]