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and she came along!

I never believed in love at first sight, until she came along!  Well, she made me wait for quite a long time, it took me so much search and research and finally she came on Friday night. My search for her began three weeks ago when I started to believe that I’m finally ready!! Went […]

GHAC Carnival 2010 – News Letter Launch

I attended the GHAC Carnival 2010 this evening. It was a gala event hosted by the Great Hyderabad Adventure Club of which I’m a part of.  For those of you who’ve not heard of GHAC, its a non profit, volunteer driven adventure club that conducts/organizes trekking, hiking, rock climbing, camping and travel events. For more, […]

Isha Meet – Dhyanalinga & Parikrama project

This post might make complete sense to folks who are already introduced to ISHA. For those who are not… please see (or better still, talk to me! ) before reading further. I went to an ISHA meet after really long. This one was not a Satsang but was a meet for the volunteers to […]

The Parakeet saga..

Been on a trip to Nellore over the weekend. We (A team of thirteen TCS-Maitree-Toastmasters) were there to visit Audishankara college of engg & tech, near Nellore to inaugurate their Toastmasters Club. After the event was over, we were walked through the college campus. While the rest of us saw the college library, I saw […]

Change of address – Welcome to my new home!

Welcome! So nice to see you around. 🙂 Please feel at home here, you could go around the place at your will. Please don’t hesitate to ask me for any thing you might need in this space. Links to the right would show you around with ease. I have shipped in all my articles from […]

WordPress attachment import/export issue – workaround

I exported the all my wordpress posts here using the Tools – export option. I later tried to import all the posts to my new domain (I shall announce soon). The import was only half successful. Pictures that form an integral part of my posts have been skipped. And in fact there were errors like: […]

Culture Vulture – my 3rd speech at Toastmasters

23-Jul-09. A day I would not forget for a long time to come. You’d remember some of your biggest goof ups well, don’t you? It was my third(of the 10) speech at Toastmasters today. I messed it up in a very big way. Though the topic had great depth and the concept was to suit […]

Are you expecting? – My 2nd Speech at Toastmasters

Yesterday, I gave my second speech at the Toastmasters Club in my office. Its such a relief that I’ve done it finally. I have been thinking of this ever since I gave my Ice Breaker speech earlier. Honestly, I could not make up my mind with a topic for the speech. Yeah, part of the […]

Appreciation – Can anything compare to it’s value?

Did you ever feel you’ve put in all your energies in to doing a certain thing, you’ve given your 100% and you’d your heart right there when you were doing it, and yet, at the end felt that it all went unnoticed? Let alone being appreciated for it, it has not even been acknowledged? Yes, […]

ah well, you know, I mean aa, actually, hmm basically like….

aa well I thought of writing this post, you know, hmm ah….Isn’t this how we sometimes stammer and stutter when we’ve to talk? Talking in English isn’t really difficult as long as we have our basics in place and we’re able to think a bit before we talk. Most often we won’t get a chance […]