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Culture Vulture – my 3rd speech at Toastmasters

23-Jul-09. A day I would not forget for a long time to come. You’d remember some of your biggest goof ups well, don’t you? It was my third(of the 10) speech at Toastmasters today. I messed it up in a very big way. Though the topic had great depth and the concept was to suit […]

Are you expecting? – My 2nd Speech at Toastmasters

Yesterday, I gave my second speech at the Toastmasters Club in my office. Its such a relief that I’ve done it finally. I have been thinking of this ever since I gave my Ice Breaker speech earlier. Honestly, I could not make up my mind with a topic for the speech. Yeah, part of the […]

My IceBreaker Speech at Toastmasters

Toast Masters Club is a place where one can hone his/her verbal communication skills, in a professionally guided environment. Interested? Want to know more? Check this out: A club can be chartered (formed) with a group of 20 interested candidates. The club meets often in an organized way. Members take up roles as Speakers, […]