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The little birdie that woke me up

It was an unusually drowsy morning for me. I was probably going round and round in a self architected an over ingenious dream (Okay, rest assured, its not an infused idea as in Inception!). I was probably dreaming chirping birds and yet unwilling to believe its morning already. That was when this loud and sharp […]

GHAC Carnival 2010 – News Letter Launch

I attended the GHAC Carnival 2010 this evening. It was a gala event hosted by the Great Hyderabad Adventure Club of which I’m a part of.  For those of you who’ve not heard of GHAC, its a non profit, volunteer driven adventure club that conducts/organizes trekking, hiking, rock climbing, camping and travel events. For more, […]

GHAC Newsletter – Jun ’10

Yo! This was my another attempt at writing and editing a club news letter. The GHAC News Letter. Thanks to GHAC’s organizers to have thought of me as suitable for this assignment. I discovered through blogging on my website that I’m quite interested in writing. It is the fillip from you friends readers that is […]