The colorful bow


At last…the much-awaited monsoon seemed to have arrived in Hyderabad. True like a transition from the bright summers to the all wet rains, it was both bright sunshine and some rain together this evening. And that combination creates a deadly beauty. I’m always fascinated at that colorful formation. At the same time, I realize that I haven’t seen a rainbow in years. Now don’t just sit there…go check out the color bow yourself!

Wish I could be so innocent

One look a the kids, I’m left to wondering if I could ever go back to the innocence and playfulness they personify. It leaves me with thinking that as we grow, we accumulate a lot of junk in our heads and hearts that we loose the sheen of pure innocence.

This little nephew of mine was inquisitive on what I was doing with a stupid devise in my hands amidst such lush greens of a paddy field.

Bigger and Brighter

Today Sir Mooney looks bigger and brighter than all his appearances since 1993! And sirji will look as magnificent only in Nov ’16. So folks, take break, go to the terrace and enjoy the clear Hyderabad sky, bright and cool moon light!

Though my little pocket camera could not capture all of the brilliance, it surely prompts me to buy an SLR, at least to photograph Sir Mooney!

Happy…the way you are

Some people look happy by just the way they are, just like the flowers. On the International Women’s Day, we men admire the happy women! And not just that, we reassure that we’d be around when you need a hand! 😉

Happy Women’ s Day!

When time goes slow…

Sir.Slowey is never tired of walking! You watch this fellow walk past, you’ll realize some one has all the time in the world!! In fact this pretty creature seems to remind us again that it is important to enjoy the journey, not the destination.

I stopped to say hi to this guy as I was rushing to catchup with fellow trekkers while on a trip to Abdullapurmet, east of Hyderabad.

The art of Symmetry

More often than not, I’m stunned by the symmetry and the consistency in the art of the yesteryear.  Especially so in the structures built in the Indo-Islamic Architecture. The beauty is that they achieved this kind of symmetry more out of pure imagination and observation and less architectural of tools.

This picture was from the Taramati Baradari south west of Hyderabad. The place is generally colorfully lit at night.

World up there, when its dark.

Mr Mooney has company tonite. He seems to be busy chatting away to the little star right beside.

The world up there looks magnificent, especially so, when its all dark in the city. This one was shot on a cold but clear winter night while atop my apartment when the power supply took a break after a long day!

Does this look like the Dreamworks SKG logo by the way? The kid with the fishing stick is missing though!

Hanging out with fiends!

Birds of the same feather folk together. While the whole city was busy flying kites for Sankranthi, these fellows seemed to be hanging out at leisure on a fine winter afternoon. They seem to be saying…Its absolutely great to be with such a big bunch of pals.

I found these cranes on the north eastern end of the Hussain Sagar lake, right in the middle of Hyderabad city.